And when I see youI’m lost and you’re sadNow that I feel youI’m holdin’
If wishes were horses then beggars would ride.Don’t walk in circles or swim against
[Drake]I’m so sorryDid you hope I was crying?It was rough without youIt was rough
[Drake]You’re my right hand, you’re my go toTold me everything about youThat’s a bold
[Drake]You used to call me on my, you used to, you used toYou used
Tripping in the sky,now I see you flying right away,La-Lа-La La-Lа-La Sitting on the
Сhorus:Na na na na nane na 1.Open up your heartFeel the musicOpen up your
[Drake]Oh man oh man oh manNot again Yeah I learned the game from William
[Drake]Dealing with these niggas, man, it take a lot Been said fuck a chaser,
Найду среди тысячи нежных слов —Одно, что затронет тебя.Зажгу в небе сотни я огоньков,Сойду