[Verse 1:]YeahWelcomeYeah it’s been a long minuteLet me break it down now if ya’ll
[Verse 1]Oh, the kingGone mad within his sufferingCalled out for reliefSomeone cure him of
I see a mountain at my gatesI see it more and more each dayWhat
Got me feeling so rightNow I’m calling all my girls Getting ready for the
[Intro: Foxes]Show me love (Better la-la-la-love)Show me love (Better la-la-la-love) [Verse 1: Foxes]Cry myself
Ещё одна минута останется нам, а мы.Разделим её пополам, когда смотрю тебе я прямо
I said hey, that’s what I like, I like about you!The way you do
[Intro: Diddy]I feel, I’m askin’, I’m askin’ first and foremost, guys, I’m askin’Haven’t I
[Intro]Yeah babyOohhhZooVier, 1738 [Hook]I am so stuck in my ways, babyAin’t givin’ it up,
There aint no secrets anymoremy names been hanging on the hook outside your doorjust