Barcelona,I still long to hold her once more, oh,My boots of leather,From EuropeI gather
Ну, типа ты — менеджер. Образование высшее.Работаешь в банке — работа престижная.Галстук, портфельчик, пускай
Oooh neowa na cheom mannasseul ttaeOooh machi sajacheoreom maemdoldagihoereul noryeo nae mam ppaeseun neoAh
[Intro: Gucci]It’s Guwop, what’s happening baby, what’s going on?Yea, 1017 MPA with meI got
The Rainbow Connection VideoLyrics to The Rainbow ConnectionWhy are there so many songs about
[Intro: Dr. Dre]Damn,, my nigga. It’s your boy Dre. Yo, I don’t think
[Intro: Kanye West + Sarah Barthel]Let me know if you’re feelin’ lonely [Verse 1:
Granada I’m falling under your spell I am the GodEl Chapo, I am the
[Gwen]Yeah, boyThought this would happenI let it sink in, you’re goneI don’t know, know
We talk to the deep of the nightMoving by cigarette lightWaiting for something to