Oh baby, is it right, is it right, is it all good? So you
[Justin Bieber]Cause you’re up and you’re down and you’re between, oh I really wanna
[Jess Glynne]Time, it never was enough, noTime, I always had a fear ’round your
Baby, baby, they say we ain’t gon’ make itBut I know they don’t give
[Jennifer Lopez]Te digo claro claroNo es nada raro raroAsi se puede amorUn mundo enano
Музыка — Ivan Reys Перед вами новый Jesus, представляю сборник Versus.Голос знаешь? Хоуми, гес
[Verse 1: Alvaro Soler (Jennifer Lopez)]It’s getting louder, louder.Mi gente scream and shout it.Asi
[Jojo]When love hurts Yeah that’s how you know itYeah that’s how you know when
(It’s too easy)Future, such a great futureOh, baby, we’ll see what the future holds
[Janet Jackson]Not too pleased with what you’re diggin’I’m just busy living my lifeSources say