Белый снег выпал, забрал мой день так.В будничном мы кружимся, в медленном белом сне.Как
Fame you’re claimin’ is the top of the worldBut the stage I’m claimin’ is
Why is everybody always picking on me?Does anybody really know a thing about me?One
FAITH well i guess it would be nice if i could touch your body,
I woke up feeling like I needTo get outta the house right now,I’m feeling
I’m convinced that you hate (that you hate) you hate meYou like (you like)
veryday is nothing’ but stress to meConstantly dwellin’ on how you got the best
Who could be the boss?Look up to the crossStranded in the land of the
COUNTERFEIT top freakin me out you wear a mask called counterfeit you’re freakin me
Check, check, check check… out my melody SpecialYou think you’re specialYou doI can see