[Verse 1]Here comes a wave meant to wash me awayA tide that is taking
I’m staring at you, you’re staring at meSo many things I’d like to say
Picking up on the signs, I know the lineYou’re thinking ’bout that other life,
You got something I likeYou live up to the hypeI pray you’ll give me
Whoa whoa whoa whoaWhoa whoa whoa whoa, heyHere we are, lucid dreamers(Whoa whoa whoa
Every time I hear you speakEvery part of me grows weakI lose the will
Can’t rewind, I’m already blindCan’t find my mind, Like I’m lost and foundIf there’s
Don’t be scared of usOr fading in the heavensI will see your faceDon’t mind,
(Vocalising)Your mind is a givenYour heart is a mission, ohYou don’t ever let it
If I showed you to my riverWould you take me to the ocean?When I’m