The touch of your lipsUpon my browYour lips that are coolAnd sweetSuch tenderness liesIn
For all we knowWe may never meet againBefore we goMake this moment sweet againWe
What a day this has beenWhat a rare mood I’m inWhy it’s almost like
You were my adored one,Then you became the bored one,And I was like a
The evening breeze caressed the trees tenderlyThe trembling trees embraced the breeze tenderlyThen you
I’m bidin’ my time‘Cause that’s the kind of boy I’mWhile other folks grow dizzyI
Don’t blame meFor falling in love with youI’m under your spellSo how can I
Embrace me, my sweet embraceable youEmbrace me, you irreplaceable youJust one look at youMy
What’ll I doWhen you are far awayAnd I am blueWhat’ll I do?What’ll I doWhen
When Sunny gets blueHer eyes get gray and cloudy;Then the rain begins to fallPitter-patter,