[PIERRE]Raz dva tri![NATASHA]Marya Dmitryevna Akhrosimova[MARYA D.]Countess Natalya Ilyinichna Rostova[NATASHA]You must call me Natasha[SONYA]Marya Dmitryevna
[PIERRE]It’s dawned on me suddenlyAnd for no obvious reasonThat I can’t go onLiving as
[PIERRE:]There’s a war going onOut there somewhereAnd Andrey isn’t hereThere’s a war going onOut
[NATASHA]The moon—First time I heard your voiceMoonlight burst into the roomAnd I saw your
[BOLKONSKY]I’ve agedI’ve aged so very muchI fall asleep at the tableMy napkin drops to
[SERVANT]May I present the CountessNatalya Rostova[MARY]OhOh, helloWon’t you come in?[NATASHA]Hello(Natasha and Mary awkwardly move
[ANATOLE]I have long wished to have this happinessEver since the Naryshkins’ ballWhere I had
[NATASHA]I smile, I shakeAnd the opera continuesAnd I’m quite submissive to the world I
[MARYA D.]The opera, the opera!Stop mooning and moaning, we’ll miss the curtain![SERVANT]LadiesWelcome to the
[ANATOLE]Good evening, PierreStudying?[PIERRE]YesHow was the opera?[ANATOLE]LovelyNatalya Rostova was there[PIERRE]Oh?Dear Andrey’s betrothed?I have known her