Be still for a second while I try and try to pin your flowers
Tina lies on the groundShe lies there foreverShe likes the sunTina knows the devilTina
Every time you get a drinkAnd every time you go to sleepAre those dreams
Maybe I listen more than you thinkAnd I can tell that somebody sold youWe
You’re sleeping night and dayHow’d you do itMe I am wide awakeFeeling defeated I
I don’t need you, I don’t need youBesides I barely ever see you anymoreAnd
GracelessIs there a powder to erase this?Is it dissolvable and tasteless?You can’t imagine how
Oh, you say you love me, JoeHow am I supposed to know?When you go
Crushed on the trainWe’d stand by the windowSweat through the hard parts of JuneWe
Today you were far awayand I didn’t ask you whyWhat could I sayI was