I knew my room was gon’ be later why don’t we go.I worked my
I’m coming with youI’m coming with youI’m coming with you Girl, I’m watching youLoving
[Intro]Do you love me for me though?The real me not my fly alter-egoI know
And you tried all the things that you wasn’t gon’ tryLike kiss body parts
One heart to kisses a one smileThere’s somebody you don’t knowthat you like this
[Intro]La la la la laLa la la laLa la la la laI’mma sing it
[Intro: Stefflon Don]Say mi whine up the ting ’til it pile upBig bumper girl
[Chorus:]I just wanna be a good man, good man to you, girl,That’s all I
[Intro:]I don’t care[Verse 1:]Uh, high school prom, did you give it up? I don’t