Money, money, money First things first I don’t wanna be forgotten Even worse I
Imagine breathing in,Imagine leaving all your air behind,What matters in the end,A matter of
[Hook]It don’t matter what I’m doing, I keep thinkin’ ’bout you and IDon’t matter
I tried to be someoneI lied to be someone else… for youIf I had
[Intro: Casey Veggies]Aw man, the whip black and whiteMy bitch black and whiteMy fit
[Cassey Veggies]I’m paranoid, I hate to sleep alone.My mind is playing tricks, it’s trynna
[Verse 1]Daddy’s little girl started growing up (up, up, up, up)She left the suburbs
Sick of being innocentSick of being ignorant tooI was in it for the thrill
Daddy’s little girl started growing upShe left the suburbs in the summer ’cause she
Dirty fingernails, same as your mindBut he can strum the guitar just fineEvery now