[Verse 1:] I’ve been talking about you Behind your back I’ve been telling people
Don’t sell me no pipe dreamsI wanna live with you through everythingDon’t sell me
I’ve got a flatline, I need a vital signI’ve got a flatline, flatline, flatline
MotherJust lay your head downYou been running through flames of the candleAnd you’re doneIt’s
Your collar pops in the latest styleI feel romance heavy in your smileIs it
The high and mighty, they have fallenOn a road to hell,Paved with good intentions.When
Shot down by your bulletsThey shatter my faith and my bonesIf you listen the
Drunk dialed you again last nightDon’t know my left foot from my rightDon’t even
If you spend enough cash at the carnival gamesYou’ll have a prize in your
It could take a littleIt could take a little timeBut I think we’ll get