Come from a far away landWhere strangers hold your handUnder the starsin a horse
[Verse 1]Even if I had ten million poundsI would still be on the train,
What is love without the passionThe greatest love of allHas been my freedomUsually I’m
I woke up sleepingStars on my pillowJar full of secretsThat only I knowI don’t
This is not fair, I am beyond repair cause of youYo-o-ou, you, yo-o-ouCan’t find
Light flickers onIn my eyes we can’t lieIn the dark I see you flyin’In
My mind is a dangerous neighbourhoodMy mind is a dangerous neighbourhoodMy mind is a
Stop in the name of love she said so we waitedPull the car over
Oh fuck… hahaha Boom, shakalaka-laka-lakaGet my money, blingBoom, shakalaka-laka-lakaGet my money, meow All eyes
I know you wannitI know you wannitYou want to live happily ever after, with