From the beginningUntil the endUnanswered questionsRelapse againBattle of reasonDeath of free willWhen senses betrayHold
Are we prepared to go?Where the fire burnsA place we can face ourselves Open
For one last timeBefore I go awayHold stillDon’t be afraidTake this part of meBreatheEase
What you’ve passed on to meWill stay until the end of daysForever Time stops
Before the dawnThere was no understandingNo thoughts were formedThrough ashes and pressureWe found our
Beneath the cold inlayDistant and unnamedThis skin is shed but thinWhere to start, where
We are on the same sideYet torn apartA distant memoryOf life without these scars
I am waiting for itI am so closeI am waiting for the rainTo change
Come alongThrough the longest time I remember the time whendreams were no retreat at
Fast forward to the futureWhere nothing survivesHandhold to the meaningWhere nothing can hide nowPick