I see you talking to your friendsI think I know one of themMaybe this
People come and goBut you always just seemTo stick around and showThat you are
Told me that I talk too much,That I wasn’t good enough,That I never seemed
I’m a shipwreck waiting for youYou’re the rock that stop me goingAnywhere, anywhereGoing anywhere,
You know we had our sunUntil we lost the leavesThey keep on fallingAs winter’s
Now the clouds are starting to part, yeahI feel I’m on my wayNow I
I’ve been swimming through the noiseBut somehow I hear your voiceBreaking throughI’m a frozen
I’m a prisoner in my old lifeI’m a prisoner in my own mindI don’t
Sometimes we get confusedWe never quite know what we wantuntil the day we do’Cause