They deem me powerless and weak right from the startTheir targets aimed at meThese
The heart wants what the heart wants…When standing on the edge, it’s time to
I’m not afraid to crawl through thick and thinIf only you noticedIf only you
I’m so badI’ve done worse than kill and stealI’m so badIt’s getting harder to
Let’s get this funeral party started right hereWe’re gonna conjure up a little funYou
You’ve got a nasty little side of you that’s new to meI wish I
It looks so easy,Being trapped inside this head of mine.Disturbing dreams, and haunted beingsThey
We are the new disease,Eating hearts like cancer,The sickness in our mindBelieves everything Plagued
To adore is to grieveTo worship is to bleedFind your way inside my heartAnd
Emptiness inside from all abandoningCast away from everybody close to meFeeling like a parasiteGet