It feels like a tear in my heartLike a part of me missingAnd I
[Intro]I’ve been, I’ve been doing this a long timeI mean over half my lifeIt’s
[Intro]You spend your life in a dream that you can’t escapeCause you live your
[Verse 1]Red Bull in my hands, feels like I got wingsLotta people in my
[Hook]Yeah, I ain’t sleeping latelyI ain’t sleeping latelyYes I know that I’m the only
[Hook: Jeremiah Carlson]Oh these hands are tiredOh this heart is tiredOh this soul is
I’m lookin’ like I’m gonna get it, you probably don’t get itI come in
[Chorus: Fleurie]Insidious is blind inceptionWhat’s reality with all these questions?Feels like I missed my
[Intro]You and I — we’ve been through a lot together. And I look back
[Verse 1]All I ever wanted was somebody to hear meAnd all I ever wanted