Waking up to kiss you and nobody’s thereThe smell of your perfume still stuck
We should take this back to my placeThat’s what she said right to my
I know what she’s likeShe’s out of her mindAnd wraps herself around the truthShe’ll
Waiting here for someoneOnly yesterday we were on the runYou smile back at me
When you feel your love’s been takenWhen you know there’s something missingIn the dark,
In this house of broken heartsWe made our love out of stacks of cardsAnd
Oh no, get readyI feel it coming, it’s coming againI stay close, hold steady‘Cause
Everybody’s got somebodyI just wanna be aloneWell, I don’t need no oneHave too much
I’ve got a young heartAnd it’s wild and freeI don’t know where it startsBut
You keep saying that you’re alrightBut I can see it through your fake smile,