Ruff Diamondz, ok, listen bangWe’ve landed, straight from Venus here with my ladies gangYeah,
Yo, as I drag these words out the center of my heartThis lyrical lifestyle
Am I wrong for thinking out the box from where I stay?Am I wrong
Yeah, so why wouldn’t it be meWhy couldn’t it be me, it’s closer than
I’m ready for warCome into town and I’ll hide you on the riseIn the
Welcome to the come upLet’s get ready to rumbleENVY done created a bubbleThe pressure’s
Yeeeahpooh bear, lupe, evahappy birthdayyou know, haf.n.f.u.pya’sayin, slow down gotta be carefulcos nobody’s gona
MovingAt the speed of soundMovingAt the speed of soundMovingAt the speed of soundMovingAt the
The speed I’m advancing withIs the type to make it dark when the candles
Backstage, starting to feel the nervesJust wanna give the crowd what they deserveA good