virgin mary, jesus christthink i just found the light in your eyesthink i just
my bedroom smells like rotten foodand i guess so do iit’s harder to be
I don’t want to be your girlI want to be your gunBlow the jaw
He handed me a pair of pliersand he told me to pull out his
i’m going to get married todaythe chapel is full of flowers and sagehe’ll lift
you’re so cool you’re so coolwalking down the hallwild eyes they are blacklike the
i shot an angel with my father’s riflei should have set it free, but
Born a cop in uniform in black vinyl glovesI don’t hate you for your
Empties lined along the porchshoot them dead, show no remorsewhite trashing with youLive in
You said they made fun of your bodyHumiliation in your eyes when you told