The good girl in me done goneRing the bell, she ain’t home (she ain’t
(RedOne) Nicole… Yeah [Verse 1:]Got venom dripping from my lipsKnow who you’re about to
Aha,Aha,Aha. To the bedroom babe,And make it up to me,You better give it right
[Timbaland:]Come on girl, Let meLet me into your lifeGimme a minute, babyGimme the nightI
it feels so good to be in hollywoodhollywood hollywood hollywoodi am gonna find my
[Chorus:]I’ll be your loveI’ll never make you feel, feel aloneIf yesterday blindfolds your eyesI’ll
In the lights in your eyesI’m resting peacefully by your side, by your sideAnd
ChorusI need a love trip,Get on the dream ship,DJ let’s take it, take it!Right
AmericaI present to youNicoleAlong with ficky freFre e, fre e, fresh Take a long
I can call ya babyDon’t need to be your ladyWe can rock it, we