Before you jump inTryna’ get under my skinSomething I should let you knowIt’s gonna
There’s a stranger in my bedLighting up a cigaretteLooking at me like he’s lostThere’s
You’re far away tonightHaven’t seen you in a whileIt always feels like a climbOn
I’ve been flying through the clouds aloneLooking for somebody to holdAnd you’re here, you’re
Breathe it outClose your eyesIt’s finally taken overSilence fallsIn the roomI wanna keep this
Does she ever feel like me?Run her fingers down your backDo you ever talk
[Verse 1]You could turn this bar into a good timeFeel like I’m not needing
All of us girlsWe’re in and out of loveWe’re vulnerableOh, but we’ll tell you
[Verse 1: Sasha Sloan & Charlotte Lawrence]Bet you’re on the couch getting wastedWishing I
[Intro:]You were different to anyone I’ve ever knownUsed to have a tendency to drink