They’re starting to open up the skyThey’re starting to reach down throughAnd it feel
Hey manPlease don’t make a soundTake a look aroundCan’t you see what’s right in
[Verse 1:]Maybe that was somebody elseMaybe, I was somebody elseI’m somebody, for what that’s
I am the voice inside your head… and I control youI am the lover
[Verse 1:]Focus?We didn’t even noticeWe awake in a placeWe can barely recognize, yeahHypnosis[Refrain 1:]And
Just when everything was making senseYou took away all my self-confidenceNow all that I’ve
She spreads herself wide open to let the insects inSheleaves a trail of honey
I am a big man(yes I am)and I have a big gungot me a
he couldn’t believe how easy it washe put the gun into his facebang!(so much
I’m losing groundWell, you know how this world can beat you downAnd I’m made