My girl, my girl, don’t lie to me,Tell me where did you sleep last
Load up on guns and bring your friendsIt’s fun to lose and to pretendShe’s
Congratulations, you have wonIt’s a year’s subscription of bad punsAnd a makeshift story of
Monkey see monkey doI don’t know why IWalk around follow youI don’t know why
Even in his youth [x3]He was nothingKept his body clean [x3]Going nowhereDaddy was ashamed
Hold me, there’s too much tensionGrade me, I’m fucking hungryHelp me, I’m fucking corneredGrade
Shake it down easy, shake it down sleazy, come onShake it down easy, shake
«Are we rolling?» She eyes me like a Pisces when I am weakI’ve been
«Is this when you start out first?»«No, we all start out»«Okay, we’ll start out
Come as you areAs you wereAs I want you to beAs a friend, as