What?-What?-What?-What?-What?It’s rolling Mass sterilization Caused byVenereal diseaseA ha ha ha! [Repeat x8] Слова и
I forsake the good with the badMy nightmare is their lie Sugar-coated poison half
They met during social interaction in Algebra classShe was expressionless at first, but then
When the doctor told her she was expectingThe young couple was ecstaticWhen the doctor
Mindless little insectsMindless little insectsMindless little insects Mindless little insects Mindless little insects Mindless
What do you do?When you don’t want to be deadAnd you don’t want to
Your love is the beauty of deathYour love is a dozen dead roses Your
The difference in us is that,you want not to wantMe, I just don’t wantThere’s
A head injuryI never dreamed againWhat you don’t know Can’t hurt youWhat I know
Dreams, you’re in my dreamsI’ve never dreamed of you beforeSchemes, you’re in my schemesI