I won’t let your fight get lost on the fallI won’t let your dreams
There’s something in the way she moves me to distraction.I’ve travelled all this wayto
Out of the blue I heard an angel say«Give me your soul and I’ll
[Verse 1:]Dance, dance, if you do that dance,I’m gonna let you join my one
[Verse 1:]It’s like a songIt’s like a prayerIt’s like a dream you had one
For the shore as the night is slipping through my handsI fall into the
[Verse 1:]The one I loveThe one I loveShe’s divineShe’s out to blow my mindThe
Here am II’m high up on a ledgeI’m standing on the edge of nightIn
She was thereDiamonds in her hairSinging out a dead man’s songHere am IWith the
Sail onTell the girl behind the counter that I loved her onceBut soon I