WhyDo we subscribeTo a universal threadThat weaves the fabric of our livesAsk whyWithout batting
Weightless my bodyFloats in eternityWeightless beyond the earth’s gravityA euphoric perpetual gazeI taste the
You can be the change Pain is the elixir that keeps us entertainedFlowing through
[Intro]Save us [Verse 1]If you thought you knew it allDon’t shift your view, you
Comatose in the arms of MorpheusDrifting away to a placeWhere there’s more than thisBlindfolded
Pilot of the biomachineManning the controls of a babbling monkeyThe circuits behind the interface
Rise upRise upBreak free as oneSee through the eyes of the sunWitness the bitter
I’m breathing just to pass the timeI forgot to eat tonightJust running down the
The scent of lies is in the air tonightWe dance in a spell of
So cold my soul’s numbLike an icy breeze on solstice morningThe worst enemy’s one