All that afterlife, I don’t hold with itAll your gods are false, just get
Sometimes the cord wants to breakSometimes the light tries to bend awaySometimes we’re thrust
When I’m in the darkSometimes I feel like a hostageKeep me in the darkI
His space crowds out your space, your spaceYour space crowds out hersCoffee breath and
There’s a rumbling in my headIt’s getting louder and louderThere’s a shaking in my
I’ll meet you at the divideTo break the spellA point where two worlds collideYeah,
LoverI know you’re wearyEyes are tiredFrom the nightLoverCome to the kitchen floorTiles are coldSo
I’ll light two cigarettesThen I’ll give you oneOh that never gets oldNo that never
Sharing secrets with another worldRubbing shoulders with some unknown loversMaking waves through the universeStarting
The blue one is a little chiller,Use it to take the edge off a