Not into playing games with these plain Jane’sEither love me or leave me, the
You can hold my handWe can play in the graveyardDream about joining inTake the
I’m sorry that I can’t get out of bedI’m sorry that my heads always
A couple quarters in my pocketA few dollars in my walletI’ve been doing wellI’ve
I’m a twenty somethingSomething’s running through my veinsI’m feeling quite aloneUsed to say I
I can feel the weight of the wind in my home townCause ain’t shit
Leo: I see the way you look at him. I know.. because.. you used
Rode my bike to your mom’s houseTen miles on the other side of townI
You don’t act like you used toIt’s just sad I miss the old youIt’s
I had a panic attack in your dorm roomAnd all you did was tell