I will for love, uuh uh uh yeah Even if our world is done,and
Lady I’ve been watching youUh, baby, I know you’ve been watching me tooYou’re the
[Verse 1]Everyone’s happyFinally it’s the weekendAll the hard work’s behind me, yeahAnd I just
[Rita Ora][?] night when I take you homeIt’s too late to be safe alone19
[Intro]Ma, hey give me a black bottleI can’t dance good but I’mma dance tonight,
I was sellin’ crack, my niggas did tooMan I ain’t see it coming, all
[Intro]There’s so many things that I don’t understand. Sometimes, being in the position I
(Chorus)They asking questions and I heard they even looking for meRiding up and down
[Intro] The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?Hey! bring
Suge got up on his shacklesAnd that nigga fainted Tupac trigger man somewhere on