[Vance Joy]Walk in the front door, drop my keysTake my shoes off and goStraight
Люди ломают сердца.Вне попутного ветра.Поток выносит: опыт, быт.Любовь — не значит раздета.Пусть твои эмоции
[Verse 1]Can we talk about your boyfriend? He’s a dead end haAnd if I
Давай, давай забьем все, но только наспор.Давай мы никому не скажем от чего наш
First days first, I’ll admit itIt’s hard for me to say What I’m feelingSomething
I want some red roses For a blue lady Mister Florist, take my order
Now that we’re alone,I’ll try my bestTo make you understandHow I need your loveTo
[Bradley of The Vamps]Everybody’s Kung Fu fighting!Your mind becomes fast as lightningAlthough the future
If he was man enoughAnd if I thought you cared for just being comfortable.If
Quicken upC’mon, bite the hand that feeds youIt’s what I doBut you know somebody