[Intro: John Cena]Wiz, I’m a help you re-educate the masses right now [Verse 1:
Verse 1:Super villain, outlaw, renegadeSmokin drinkin gin wit my lemonadeDont gota chase these bitches
YeahhDamnHold on turn me up a little bit moreYeahh bitchAlways wanted to do this
[Hook: Miley Cyrus & Juicy J]I’m in the club high off purp with some
Wiz Khalifa:Clear the run way babyI get money from sunday to sunday ladyOhh behave
[Verse 1:]Oh, it’s hardly a secretYou ain’t gon stop tryna get where you going
YeahYeaahthahahayou niggas know its the gang or kill yourself right?yeaahyupRed hat black chucks black
Yeah. yall no what it is . its anudda 1 of dose . yes
Taylor Gangpaper planesyou know what i say, tell them to keep countyou other niggas
Ladies and gentlemanMy name’s Wiz Khalifa and I’m so damn gooooood…[Funny Laugh] I earn