Привет Но ты проходишь мимо Я спрятала улыбку Мне важно, чтобы ты узнал (а-а-а)
Ты ты ты мне не враг, ааа Но с тобой не дружу, ууу Я
(1953) Billy Strayhorn, Johnny Mercer, Duke Ellington Cigarette holder which wigs meover her shoulder,
Darling, you always needed And your tenderness is needed too And it seems that
Lomax, Ledbetter Yeah…This is a song… was sung by Leadbelly and it was written
George Bass yeahyeah yeah yeah yeahalright ye see-line womanshe drink coffeeshe drink teaand then
Buddy Johnson You made me leave my happy homeYou took my love and now
(1853) Wasserman, Aaron Neville Oh I’m lonely and left with tears and sorrowI can’t
Thomas Crown Affair version: Sinnerman where you gunna run toSinnerman where you gunna run
Carl Nutter, Renee Borek, King Guion Since you’ve gone I spend each lonely night,Dealing